The Right Price Auto

The Right Price Auto was founded in 2008 and is a family business. The idea behind it is based on good old fashioned, honest, knowledgeable, and friendly service with affordable prices. As cars have become increasingly sophisticated, we have as well kept up to meet their requirements. Aside from important laws put in place to protect everybody on the roads, there are numerous reasons to have your vehicle in shape…

Our experienced employees will be happy to help you with everything that you may need. At The Right Price Auto, we not only follow all inspection standards, but we pride ourselves on exceeding these standards. After becoming comfortable with our fully licensed repair shop, it quickly becomes time to explore the solutions we can offer you.

We are a small “Mom and Pop” fully licensed auto mechanic shop and fully registered to perform out of province inspections. Our company also is licensed for the sale of used vehicles that we carefully check over before they are put on the market; unfortunately, we are out of stock for the moment. Our head mechanic has been part of our team since close to the very beginning. This tightly knit set up has permitted us to offer very “PERSONALISED” service to all our dear customers.

We all firmly believe in honesty, friendliness, and reasonable rates just like the good old days. Our establishment is far from a ‘show piece’ but we make sure you are comfortable if you opt to wait while we take care of your vehicle. Unlike many shops you get to directly deal with the owners themselves. Our mechanic is also very willing to make the extra time to either explain or even show you what is happening. I believe it sets us apart from the norm.