Beware when Buying Privately!

Many of us who are in the market to buy a used car or truck want to get the best vehicle that we can afford, by spending the least amount of money possible.  Unfortunately, there are a large number of people who prey on our desire to get a good deal, and fraudulently sell unsafe vehicles to unwary buyers, for what may seem to be a great price.
These “curbers” operate their business without any regard for our laws, and more importantly, without any regard for your safety.  In order for anyone to be in the business of selling motor vehicles in Alberta, they must have an automotive business licence and an automotive salesperson registration.  Both of these are issued by the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council.  
Curbers make it their business to obtain vehicles at a low price and then sell them at a greatly inflated price.  They often do this by obtaining vehicles that have previously been wrecked, or had other severe mechanical or safety problems, at a very low cost.  The curber will then make minor or cosmetic repairs to the vehicle, and then re-sell the vehicle, even though it is not in any way safe to be on the road.  Curbers will often advertise these vehicles in local auto sale publications, or simply by putting a for sale sign on it and parking it in an abandoned lot or on a side street.  When an interested buyer enquires about the vehicle, the curber usually has a yarn to tell, explaining why they are selling this vehicle.
In their rush to get a good deal, the buyer will often take the curbers story at face value, and purchase the vehicle without any further investigation.  Many later regret having had this trust.