In these trying economic times it’s tempting when grinding or squeaking brakes are heard to economize by buying less expensive parts or using a backyard mechanic. The advice from mechanics is: don’t because you’ll get what you pay for. Six months on and inferior parts can fail because more abrasive material is used and overheating can cause failure. Braking systems now are very sophisticated with electronics and mechanics working in tandem. Automatic braking systems no longer work solo, they are part of the larger system. And that larger system can only be fully diagnosed by scanning it electronically. It’s no longer a “back in the day” scenario. Mechanics recommend changing brake fluid every 50,000 miles since as a hydraulic system the fluid becomes very hot and can break down, in addition to capturing moisture that hampers compression of the fluid. Be safe, don’t take shortcuts. Your wallet will thank you.

What Are The Right Steps When Buying A Vehicle?