There’s a bewildering array of vehicles in the marketplace from which to choose: conventional, electric, hybrid and soon, self-driving cars and trucks. Cost and maintenance are important considerations but perhaps overlooked is the cost of insurance. Numerous hybrid cars can get discounted insurance from certain companies simply because they are in a class apart. Before opting for a hybrid, do research to find the best insurance by asking carriers about special insurance plans designed to help drivers recover the costs on their vehicles.

Also, hybrid and electric auto insurance can be defined differently if the government has made allowances for certain types of vehicles. There are insurance carriers who will offer discounts to the customer so that they can pay less. Some customers will be able to get tax write-offs on their insurance payments every year based on a government program. Remember that an insurance rate can depend on the type of engine. Cars that run entirely on battery power, an electric car, run differently compared to a hybrid, and an insurance company may offer special insurance for them since they do not have traditional engines.