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( Japaneese imported right hand drive vehicles)
To all our JDM LOVERS.

You may have had your dream car imported straight from Japan.

It has been a long process and finally your car clears customs in Vancouver.

Your JDM may end up at The Right Price Auto if it was pre-arranged, in order to go through the Out of Province Inspection process.

After an average of waiting 2-3 months, you are so close to hop in and get driving….We understand you previously invested a lot of money and time in your purchase. At the Right Price Auto, we make it a mission to get your vehicle ready for you in a diligent manner.

Because of the experience, research and extended cumulative data gathered over the years by our head technician, we can make the process faster.

Unfortunately, some parts may have to be ordered directly from Japan and will slow down the progression through which we keep in close touch with you. On that last note:

We wish to thank all our JDM clients who have
displayed patience and understanding as to this process.