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Aside from important laws put in place to protect everybody on the roads, there are numerous reasons to have your brakes serviced. Starting with major factors such as safety on a slippery surface, and ending with less-major factors such as driving comfort, it is essential to have properly maintained brakes. Not only can your brakes alter the life of your car, they can and will SAVE lives. Something that regardless of who you ask, cannot be overlooked.

Your brakes can stop you remarkably quickly, that is, when they’re working. If the stopping time of your vehicle becomes too long, it can simply be too dangerous for you to be on the road. This is why we encourage scheduled brake checks alongside other common maintenance requirements.

We follow a strict checklist when inspecting your braking system. The items on our list include brake lights, pedal sensitivity, parking brake condition, cable conditions, and brake pad wear.

Feel free to contact us and one of our trained staff members will take you through all of the reasons that you might want to get your vehicle brakes serviced.

Before we start throwing parts at your car, we diligently diagnose the issues you wish us to address. We get a hold of you ASAP and give you an estimate after which you decide if you wish to have the work done or not. No surprises!

Mechanical repairs @ 95/hour shop rate on domestic/imports.

Towing to our mechanical shop can be arranged for $80.00, within Calgary limits. Windshield repairs, alignments can also be arranged.

Call Denis at #9 Towing 403.383.6904.

Insurance inspection – $95.00

“E.L.V.I.S” Inspection (ridesharing programs) -$60.00

Out of province inspection – $125.00 (175 for 3/4 ton)

Other Services Provided