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Licensed inspections

Licensed Inspections

At Right Price Auto, we not only follow all inspection standards, but we pride ourselves on exceeding these standards. After becoming comfortable with our fully licensed repair shop, it quickly becomes time to explore the solutions we can offer to you.

Identifying and addressing issues that can lead to a vehicle being unsafe is a key part of inspection. When we inspect your vehicle, we always make sure to follow a strict set of guidelines and procedures. These checklists also allow us to focus on safety as a number one priority every time. We will always properly secure your vehicle, safely remove components, attach proper diagnostic tools, repair discovered issues, and put everything back in place better than we found it. At the end of your inspection and repairs, you can have peace of mind your vehicle will be in tip-top shape.

Before we start throwing parts at your car, we diligently diagnose the issues you wish us to address. We get a hold of you ASAP and give you an estimate after which you decide if you wish to have the work done or not. No surprises!

Mechanical repairs @ 95/hour shop rate on domestic/imports.

Towing to our mechanical shop can be arranged for $80.00, within Calgary limits. Windshield repairs, alignments can also be arranged.

Call Mike at 403-808-9718 for a tow.

Insurance inspection – $95.00

“E.L.V.I.S” Inspection (ridesharing programs) -$60.00

Out of province inspection – $125.00 (175 for 3/4 ton)

Other Services Provided