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Maintaining your exhaust system is one of the essentials when it comes to taking care of your car. At Right Price Auto, we will inspect your exhaust to make sure everything is running the way it should. A proper exhaust system will benefit both the passengers in the vehicle, as well as everybody else around. While reducing noise and making your ride smoother, the exhaust also reduces harmful emissions let out into the environment.

A failing exhaust system has 3 main signs of failure: engine misfiring, noisier than normal exhaust, or even condensation in the tailpipe. If you find any of these problems with your vehicle, it is important to bring your car in for a proper mechanical inspection.

Regardless of what your decision might be in the end, it is important to know that an aftermarket exhaust will improve your vehicle’s performance, appearance, and sound. Whether you are looking for power, performance, or looks, the right exhaust system can change your driving experience drastically.

Before we start throwing parts at your car, we diligently diagnose the issues you wish us to address. We get a hold of you ASAP and give you an estimate after which you decide if you wish to have the work done or not. No surprises!

Mechanical repairs @ 95/hour shop rate on domestic/imports.

Towing to our mechanical shop can be arranged for $80.00, within Calgary limits. Windshield repairs, alignments can also be arranged.

Call Mike at 403-808-9718 for a tow.

Insurance inspection – $95.00

“E.L.V.I.S” Inspection (ridesharing programs) -$60.00

Out of province inspection – $125.00 (175 for 3/4 ton)

Other Services Provided